My Classroom 2015-2016

Here is a little peak into my classroom for the 2015-2016 school year! Our classroom grows and changes throughout the year but this is the original set up before kiddos got here. :)

This is the view of my room from the door. 

Teach Glitter Grow classroom

Here is our morning message easel and big book stand. This is where most whole group instruction takes place. We got a new whole group carpet this year and I am in LOVE! I am also kind of obsessed with my big green "teacher chair" from Ikea!

Teach Glitter Grow classroom

This is the calendar wall, classroom management chart, and job chart.

The ABC line can be found here

Here is a closer look at the calendar:

Teach Glitter Grow Calendar

And our classroom jobs. I am LOVING how everything matches this year.

Teach Glitter Grow classroom jobs

You can find the class jobs here

The smart board area. We are so fortunate to have these in every classroom! We get a lot of use out of this thing! 

The interactive word wall

My old "teacher chair" is now the iPad chair.

A little peak inside dramatic play

Our cozy little classroom library

One side of the huge window in the back where I display shapes and house our science workstations.

The other side of the window where we hang all of the masterpieces made in the art workstation.


Our colors next to the art easel

A view of the classroom from the back. Here you can see our light table, lego table, discovery table, and more!

I am realizing I forgot to take pictures of several aspects of our classroom (oops!) but this will give you a general idea ;) 

All of the Chalkboard and Polka dot Bright resources and decor are available in one pack here!  

If you have questions about anything you see (what it is, how I use it, etc.), please feel free to ask in the comments below! 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my room! 


  1. Love...Did you make all of your decor, like the jobs chart...etc?

    1. Thank you!!! I did! Having everything in my room match was my summer project :) I have the ABC line and the class jobs on my tpt and then I have a full Chalkboard and Polka dot brights pack with EVERTYTHING!!

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