Coding in Elementary

On Tuesday, I will be teaching the faculty at my school all about and how to get it started in their classrooms! If you have never been to the website and are interested in exposing your students to more computer science, you should definitely check it out! is great because it teaches kids computer science skills playing fun puzzles and games with characters that they love.  

Here is how to get started! :) 


 You can add your entire class with the click of the button using the add multiple students button!

You can choose how you want your students to log in. Students can login by using a picture, a word, or an e-mail address. 

There are even unplugged and online lessons that help teach and reinforce computer science vocabulary in a fun and kid friendly way! 

I strongly suggest that as a teacher, you also try out some of the puzzles and games for yourself. Not only is it good to have an idea what your students will be working on and how to solve the puzzles, but it is also kind of fun! :) 

Since I teach at a pre-k center with 18 other pre-k teachers, I broke down how covers many different Texas Pre-K guidelines. That being said, actually includes the Common Core standards, ISTE Standards, CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards, and NGSS Science and Engineering Practices that each lesson covers. It is right there for you! Doesn't get much easier than that ;)

If your kids love this and are excited about coding and computer science, here are some more fun websites and apps that they can check out!

Do you plan on incorporating computer science into your classroom? If you already do, what kinds of tools/programs do you use?

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