The Fabulous 50th Day of School!

Today we celebrated the fabulous 50th day of school! 

How do I know it was fabulous? When a kid spontaneously yells, "THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!" in the middle of an activity, you know you are on the right track ;)

To celebrate, the students rotated through a variety of 50th day activities including:

A Hula Hooping Contest (hilarious!)

Making yummy 50th Day Trail Mix which included:

-10 Cheerios
-10 Marshmallows
-10 Goldfish
-10 Pretzels
-10 Chocolate Chips

I like having them count out each group of 10 on these cute little mats and then I staple a topper on the baggie so they can be enjoyed at home. :) 

50th Day Necklaces

Which, let's be real, usually end up being soggy pieces of string around their neck by the end of the day (yuck!) Watching them sneak fruit loop bites throughout the day grosses me out but the kids get great counting practice, 1:1, and even fine motor so  we still do them each and every year!

50 fingerprint records

I was so busy making sure there were not 500 little colorful fingerprints all over my classroom that this was the only photo I snagged of this project :( Next year I will switch out the blue and purple since they both dried really dark! 

50th Day Hats

For these simple hats they just counted by 10's and cut out this cute little "50's Days Smarter" tags that you can find for free here.

We made Root beer and Coke Floats and a cute little how to writing crafty to go with it

Had a little photo booth fun

And ended the day with a Sock Hop in the cafeteria! 

Phew! The 50th day was a lot of fun but I sure am glad it only comes around once a year! I am one tired teacher!

Have you already celebrated the 50th day of school? What kinds of activities do you do?

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