November Currently

I cannot believe it is already November! It seems like each year flies by faster and faster! I'm linking up today with Oh Boy, 4th Grade for her monthly Currently linky

Listening: I know, I know, it is only November 1st! I am part of the problem! I am waiting to put up my Christmas decorations and haven't put on the Christmas music just yet... 

Loving: Although I don't love it getting darker faster, I can't help but appreciate the extra hour of sleep we got last night! (Especially after staying up celebrating Halloween last night ;)  

Thinking: The fabulous 50th day of school is Tuesday! 

Wanting: The holiday flavors are back at Starbucks!! Although they are all delicious, I think the Chestnut Praline is my favorite! 

Needing: It has been raining non-stop around here and I am having a hard time convincing myself to go out in the nasty weather to run errands :( 

Yummy: With colder weather moving in I love warm and cozy comfort food. This roasted tomato soup with grilled cheese is one of my favorites! 


  1. I so agree! It goes faster and faster every year! Our 50th day will be Friday! Always a fun day! Need to get that poodle skirt out! I don't blame you- I hate going out in the rain! Can you wait till tomorrow? Do you have enough to make that yummy soup and grilled cheese? That does sound good! I'm thinking now I want to go to Starbucks for holiday flavors! Wish there was one closer and on the way to school! Enjoy!

  2. The warm comfort food definitely sounds yummy, especially as the weather takes on that chill in the air...and I won't lie - that extra hour of sleep is very welcome at this time of year! Enjoy the Christmas know what it's like - I have already been listening to Christmas music (although it is to prepare for the Christmas concert...and it comes way too fast for me!). Happy November!

  3. Your Sunday sounds lovely! It rained here all day Friday and some yesterday. I am SUCH a rain-lover! There's something about it that is so relaxing. You are right on target with soup and sandwich! Skip the grocery store today and order pizza for dinner!
    Have fun on your 50th day! The kids always enjoy those fun days at school! Those are the days they remember and cherish. :)
    Glad to read your Currently!
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  4. I've never celebrated the 50th day of school. I don't even know where I would start. LOL


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