All About Alliteration!

Alliteration is a skill that stumps a lot of my students every year. Over the past few years, I have found that scaffolding the concept with a few of these activities has really helped them gain a better understanding not only identifying alliteration but also producing their own words that begin with the same sound.

When teaching alliteration, I start with identify if words that have the same beginning sound or a different beginning sound. Then, I move on to matching words that begin with the same sound. Finally, I have students produce words that begin with the same sound as a given word.
                   When students are new to the concept of alliteration, I like to start them off with a simple sort. When they are first learning, handing students a stack of cards and asking them to find the ones that begin the same can seem a little overwhelming. I have found that students get a much better foundational understanding of the concept when they are only given two words at a time. 
I tried to make the words with different beginning sounds sound VERY different (elephant/jar, sock/volcano) so that it is easier for students to identify.

If you would like to use this sort with your students, you can find it here:

Once they are able to identify which words have the same beginning sound, students are ready to match words that begin the same way

I have these for every letter of the alphabet, but to start out, I usually only give students a few letters at a time. I really like these puzzles because students can use them to practice ABC order, alliteration, beginning sounds 

 and even sort hard and soft letter sounds

 or long and short vowel sounds
This alliteration puzzle pack can be found here:

The last step is students being able to produce another word that begins with the same sound as a given word.

I like to play a few different games to practice this concept.

One of the students' favorites is based on an idea I got for Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade (I basically LOVE anything that she does!)

I wrote several different words and pictures on these plate looking things (I think that's the technical term;) from a suction cup catch game. I got these at the dollar spot at Target a while back but you can find similar ones here.

Then, the students take turns throwing a beanbag (you could use the suction cup ball, a balled up piece of paper, whatever!) to a plate of their choosing. 

Students must then produce a different word that starts with the same beginning sound as the word on their plate. 

I have already seen a lot of progress in my students' ability to identify and produce words that begin with the same sound this year! I hope you find these activities useful in your own classroom! :)

What kinds of activities do you do to help children get a better understanding of alliteration? 


The Fabulous 50th Day of School!

Today we celebrated the fabulous 50th day of school! 

How do I know it was fabulous? When a kid spontaneously yells, "THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!" in the middle of an activity, you know you are on the right track ;)

To celebrate, the students rotated through a variety of 50th day activities including:

A Hula Hooping Contest (hilarious!)

Making yummy 50th Day Trail Mix which included:

-10 Cheerios
-10 Marshmallows
-10 Goldfish
-10 Pretzels
-10 Chocolate Chips

I like having them count out each group of 10 on these cute little mats and then I staple a topper on the baggie so they can be enjoyed at home. :) 

50th Day Necklaces

Which, let's be real, usually end up being soggy pieces of string around their neck by the end of the day (yuck!) Watching them sneak fruit loop bites throughout the day grosses me out but the kids get great counting practice, 1:1, and even fine motor so  we still do them each and every year!

50 fingerprint records

I was so busy making sure there were not 500 little colorful fingerprints all over my classroom that this was the only photo I snagged of this project :( Next year I will switch out the blue and purple since they both dried really dark! 

50th Day Hats

For these simple hats they just counted by 10's and cut out this cute little "50's Days Smarter" tags that you can find for free here.

We made Root beer and Coke Floats and a cute little how to writing crafty to go with it

Had a little photo booth fun

And ended the day with a Sock Hop in the cafeteria! 

Phew! The 50th day was a lot of fun but I sure am glad it only comes around once a year! I am one tired teacher!

Have you already celebrated the 50th day of school? What kinds of activities do you do?


November Currently

I cannot believe it is already November! It seems like each year flies by faster and faster! I'm linking up today with Oh Boy, 4th Grade for her monthly Currently linky

Listening: I know, I know, it is only November 1st! I am part of the problem! I am waiting to put up my Christmas decorations and haven't put on the Christmas music just yet... 

Loving: Although I don't love it getting darker faster, I can't help but appreciate the extra hour of sleep we got last night! (Especially after staying up celebrating Halloween last night ;)  

Thinking: The fabulous 50th day of school is Tuesday! 

Wanting: The holiday flavors are back at Starbucks!! Although they are all delicious, I think the Chestnut Praline is my favorite! 

Needing: It has been raining non-stop around here and I am having a hard time convincing myself to go out in the nasty weather to run errands :( 

Yummy: With colder weather moving in I love warm and cozy comfort food. This roasted tomato soup with grilled cheese is one of my favorites! 
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