October Class Booooo(ks) and some Spooktacular fun!

This has been a crazy, whirl wind kind of week!
 I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching's amazing linky party to share a little bit about what we have been up to! 

I LOVE creating books with my class. They are a great way to help students learn conventions of reading and writing, practice writing skills, phonemic awareness, fluency, and sight words. Plus, students love creating them and they are always a favorite in the classroom library! 

This first book came from Kinder Kim's Going A Little Batty pack. I saw the idea on her blog and had to scoop up the product ASAP! 

We have been working on alliteration this week and many of my students have been having a hard time isolating the beginning sound of each word. 

This book was great practice for just that!

for privacy reasons I had to put that bat over their sweet little faces but you have to imagine how ADORABLE these turned out with their face on the bat head.

they wanted to read this book over and over and found seeing themselves as a bat HILARIOUS!
This week we read this cute Little Critter Halloween book:

The story has all of Little Critters friends dressed up in their Halloween costumes but when you open the flap, the friend removes their mask and he sees who it really is. 

After each page my students started saying, "That's not a ghost, it's (characters name). This gave me an idea for our own class book!

Since Wednesday was an early dismissal day, we had pumpkin day and the kids all got to wear their Halloween costumes. I snapped a few pictures of them in their costumes and whipped up some pages for the book: 

I left blanks so students could practice a few of the sight words we have been working on 

and write their own name.

They all looked so cute in their costumes!! How much do you love all these squishy fake muscles?!? lol

Now, I am ALL for kids being creative and making their own illustrations (and trust me, they do their fair share of that) but there is something  special to them about seeing their face in a book. They thought it was especially hilarious to see their face on a bat body or dressed up in a Halloween costume!

My goal this year is to write 1 class book a week. I want to write at least 22 class books so that at the end of the year, each child can pick a class book to take home as a special memento of our year together!

You can see the other class book we made this month here.

Babbling Abby posted the cutest Halloween Costume Crafty  on tpt and I could not wait to make it with my students!

since I already had pictures of them in their costumes (and they really wanted to take their page from the class book home but their mean teacher wouldn't let them) I used their pictures instead of having them draw one.

You fold a piece of paper accordion style so the Boo! pops out.

They were quick and easy to make on a crazy Friday before Halloween and I think they turned out really cute!!

Of course it wouldn't be Halloween without a "Jack-o-Lantern experiment." 

We mixed green food coloring, baking soda, and vinegar inside our jack-o-lantern and watched him spew all over the place (as the children SCREAMED in delight - good thing we did this outside ;)

Today was "glow day" at school. Students got to wear all sorts of glow in the dark accessories, we played glow in the dark ring toss, painted glow in the dark pictures with glow paint, and made glow slime:

You can find the recipe here

I would have taken more pictures of today but here is what most of our day looked like:

I even joined in on the fun with some glow bracelets and light up glasses.

I hope everyone has a happy Halloween weekend!!


  1. Looks like you did have a SUPER busy week!! Love the idea of "glow" day :D Wishing you a well-rested weekend!

    Momma with a Teaching Mission

  2. All the muscle suit style costumes were cracking me up at my school too!

    Years That Ask Questions


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