Frugal Finds!!

It has started.

There is a back to school section in every store.

Teachers are posting about their new classroom finds all over social media.

School supplies are EVERYWHERE! 

It is almost back to school time!!

As much as I hate to see that summer winding down, I cannot help but join in on the anticipation of a new year. I too have become swept up in the excitement of a fresh start!

 And while I have not hit the stores with the, "I must buy ALL the things!" attitude just yet, here are a few of my most recent purchases:

At Goodwill I found over 20 books to add to my library

I was really excited to find thematic books, a few by some of my favorite authors, and even several pictures books about different math concepts. I usually buy books on Amazon or Half Price but these were soooo cheap! You have to dig and you don't always come out with winners, but it is worth a look!

About a week ago I went to Target and bought my TFA teachers a few things for their 1st classroom (woohoo!) as a gift.

Most of these are self explanatory so I will only discuss is the "swipes". Basically, it is smelly kid chap-stick that I use as a reward in my class. They are usually called smelly swipes but since these are "smarties" flavored chap-stick, they will be smarty swipes. :) 

When a kid is working quietly, answers a question correctly, following instructions, etc. I swipe a little on the back of their hand. They spend the next few minutes sniffing it and basically think it is the best thing ever. lol

For those who will be making a trip to the dollar store soon, I wanted to share a post I actually did last year on my old blog. I will be heading back to the good ol Dollar Tree later this week to replace a few of these items and check out what else I may "need" for this school year! 

The Dollar Store is a dangerous, dangerous place for teachers! You go in for one thing and you leave with 50 things! Right?? I know it is not just me! ;) 

Here are some classroom treasures I picked up on today's trip and what I plan on using them for:

I plan on using these water cannons as pointers. They extend so they are great for little people to point way up high! I got the big ones to use with my ABC line, number line, or anything else that might be slightly out of their reach. 

I will use the shorter ones for Morning Message, reading big books, etc! 

Speaking of reading, I got these "reading glasses" to add to my library collection:

I mean, how fun are these?!?! 

Sorry, I couldn't resist ;) 

Also for my little library nook, I got these cute little paper lanterns to hang (I hope the fire marshal will cooperate):
Since there are 4 maybe I will spell out READ on them. Hmmm we will see.. 

I got these smelly and glittery pens for the writing workstation: 

For small group, I got these krazy and flamingo "pointers"

And this sweet little I am busy leave me alone working with a small group, please wait your turn light:

The light certainly wasn't my idea but for anyone who hasn't seen it on Pinterest, when you are working with a small group and do not wish to be disturbed you push the light on. When you are free again you can turn the light off. In my room I encourage my students not to come up while I am working with a small group period but some little friends need an extra visual reminder. 

These shot glasses are for when Mrs. Alexander is having one of those days... JUST KIDDING ;) I plan on writing letters, numbers, etc. on them and using them on the light table. 

I got two of these bad boys:
These plastic pockets have a handy dandy magnet on the back and I will use them on my white board easel as well as my word wall, which is a white board too. I tested the strength of the magnet (because I am one of those people) on one of the metal shelves at the Dollar Tree and put several things in the pocket. I think they will do the trick :) 

I have been using large hula hoops as for Venn Diagrams and other graphic organizers in the classroom, so when I saw these smaller ones, I could not resist. 

I think they will be perfect for workstations!

I also got these trays for sorting:

I also got a few clip boards for write the room activities. Although, I might decorate these plain Jane ones for my team and buy other ones for workstations.

I bought this index card holder to store all of my calendar pieces for the different months:

and these goodies are for my new "Teacher Binder" I plan to make:

I have not quite decided what I am going to use these for yet:
I am thinking I will use them for some sort of daily vote (for example: Do you have a pet?). One circle will be yes and the other no and students can move their name/picture from the rectangle cookie sheet (not pictured) to the appropriate circle. 

These cars can be used for a ton of beginning of the year activities! 

***To read more about these activities click on the picture, it will take you to the original link***

Name writing (and later sight words)

Letter Tracing (which can later be used to build CVC words)

Letter Matching (1st Upper to Uppercase than Upper to lowercase)

I am also going to use this beach ball for a letter ID game:

I bought this to hang my big A on the door (more on that later):

And these to clean up (obviously). Also, because they are too stinking cute! I LOVE the shark one!

And FINALLY **last thing I promise** I bought these:

To make these little cutties to hand out at Meet the Teacher:

PHEW! I know that was a lot but I wanted to write it allllllll down so that A) I could share it with you wonderful people and B) In a few weeks when I am setting up my classroom, I will not be like, "What the heck did I buy this for?!?" #realtalk ;) 


  1. Such fun ideas! I can totally imagine the little ones with the chapstick haha

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

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