Rhyming for Beginners

"What rhymes with cat?"
"What rhymes with shoe?"
"Okay... What rhymes with sun?"

Have you had a similar conversation when assessing students ability to rhyme at the beginning of the year? 

Rhyming is a skill that I have found many students struggle mastering. Before students can match words that rhyme or produce a rhyming word, they need to be able to identify which words rhyme and which don’t! 

When given too many choices to pick from, students become frustrated and overwhelmed. I created the following product for my students so they only have two words to choose from. This way, students can more confidently decipher if the pair of pictures rhyme or do not rhyme.

This rhyming sort is perfect for students who are just learning about rhyming, small group, RTI, or as a whole group lesson!

This pack has rhymes/does not rhyme headers, 20 picture cards (10 with pictures that rhyme and 10 with pictures that do not rhyme), and a recording sheet so for students to show their work during independent practice.

If you have students who struggle to understanding the concept of rhyming (especially at the beginning of the year) and would be interested in trying this little hands on activity, you can find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.

Once students have a better understanding of rhyming words, they can play my fun freebie "Rhyme Time Dominoes" 

*click picture below to download*

Happy Rhyming Everyone!

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