Cheap and Easy End of the Year Gift for Parent Volunteers

Are you looking for a fun yet inexpensive way to show appreciation to parents who have dedicated their time volunteering in your classroom this year?

I have SEVERAL parents that I wanted to thank at the end of the year so I needed something that was cute, simple, and wouldn't break the bank!

My night on me!

First, I created this cute FREEBIE tag that you can download here. Then, I bought some Redbox movie codes, wrote them on the tags, and attached the tags to a bag of popcorn! Voila! Instant movie night for a little over $1 a parent!

Now if you are just doing this for 1 or 2 parents and want to go all out, you could even create a whole "movie basket" with popcorn, soda, movie theater candy, etc.

Hope you enjoy the freebie! If you create your own movie themed thank you gift with the tags, I would love to see how you use it! Just tag me @teachglittergrow on Instagram so I can admire your handy work! :)

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