Top 3 Thursday - Black History Month

During the month of February, we celebrate black history and students learn about many African Americans who played an important role in our country's history. Here are 3 of my favorite resources: 

I LOVE read alouds and so do my students. We do at least 3 read alouds a day and picture books play a very important role in my students' education. 

When I was trying to find books that celebrate black history or non-fiction books that educate readers about prejudice, civil rights events, or important people in history, many books I found were geared  towards students third grade and up. 

Then, I stumbled on this collection of picture books by No Twiddle Twaddle. They are all perfect for my early elementary students!

During the month, we highlight several African Americans who have made a big impact on our country and our world. One person that I love to teach about is Rosa Parks.

If you have never read any books in Brad Meltzer's "Ordinary People who Change the World" series, I HIGHLY recommend them! 

The books not only talk about the people and events that changed history, but there is a big focus on character traits and how peoples' character helped them change history. Pretty powerful stuff for 5 year olds! 

 After reading about Rosa Parks and her bravery, we make a cute crafty inspired by A Tale of Two K Teachers

 (photo credit A Tale of Two K Teachers)

Brad Meltzer also wrote this book about Jackie Robinson.

After reading his story, the students come up with different facts they leaned about Jackie Robinson and write them on baseball cut outs. I put all of the "baseballs" together and make a baseball shaped class book.

What books, activities, and lessons do you use to teach students about Black History? I would love to hear your ideas! Link up below :) 


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Be sure to check back next week for a Seusstastical Top 3 Thursday filled with Dr. Seuss ideas! 

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